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Sun Date Selection
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Annual Sha:Tai Sui,Sui Po,San Sha,Five Yellow
Date Selection software
traditional Feng Shui professional software
Date Selection
shareware version
Date Selection has great importance in Feng Shui.

It is used to choose the suitable time for someone to do important things.
Date selection software contains two parts, Sun Date selection and Moon Date selection -
modules included in Qi+FengShui traditonal Feng Shui professional software.
Date Selection uses the Great Sun Formula to determine the auspicious times to move in a new house,start a
renovation,or do some work arround the house.It is very useful if you need to dig or disturb the earth in the
Annual Sha directions.The suitable dates will activate the auspiciousness and sumetimes neutralize Sha.
It is also useful activate the fortunate qi in the company (business).
With Moon Formula the software calculates the fortunate days and hours to activate the fortunate qi
related to family health and relationship.(to do Moon ceremony).
It relies on calculating the position of the Sun and Moon reported to the 24 mountains of the Luopan.

After inserting the building facing direction,the bitrth date of the person and the calendar year,
the software calculates the fortunate intervals of time to activate the suitable type of Qi using Sun Formula
respectively Moon Formula.
Calculates the auspicious days of the interval taking account of the clashes
-between the day and the birth year branch of a person
-between the day and the current year or month
Calculates and displays the birth year pillar of the person.
Calculates and displays the days which clash in the selected interval of time
Calculates and displays the auspicious hours of a selected day
Calculates and displays the hours which clash with current year,month,day or birth year branch.

Displays the stem,stem element,branch, branch element,or animal of the birth year pillar.
Displays the Four Pillars of destiny for the fortunate days and hours in detail.
Displays the Four Pillars of destiny for the days and hours which clash.
Displays the clashes between the branches of the four pillars of a selected time.
Displays the clashes between the birth year branch of the person and the selected year,month,day,hour.
Displays the report which contains the auspicious intervals of time and the fortunate days for the
person,living in the building with the selected facing direction ,in the selected calendar year, ready for printing.

This software saves you hours of work in calculating the auspicious dates and hours with you only having to insert
the facing direction of the building and your birthdate.

Calculates and displays The
Annual Sha- charts and information: Tai Sui,San Sha,Sui Po,Annual 5.

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download Date Selection software-shareware version
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